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Thank you for requesting the Client Converter Website Checklist! You are about to discover the secrets on how to convert more of your visitors into new clients with a few simple tweaks on your website. I have created this value-packed checklist to give you the answers to these important questions and challenges every business owner faces:

  • I have a great looking website but why isn’t it bringing new business?
  • What can I do today that would dramatically increase appointments?

You will also learn how to get new customers even during closed hours. Very few business owners do this correctly!

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Client Converter Website Checklist:

Top 3 Things Your Website Needs to Get More Clients

“I have a great looking website but why isn’t it bringing new business?”

Most of the websites today look great but they do not do a great job of turning visitors into clients. Turning random visitors into paying clients is called the “conversion” factor. A great converting website clearly displays the information that a visitor is looking for and gives them instructions on what to do next such as giving you a call. Also, your website should have multiple ways of contacting you like e-mailing, calling, or physically going to your practice. Here are three things you can do today that will increase your website’s conversion factor:

#1 – A Clear Call to Action – Are They “Clickable”?

Make it Easy for Visitors to Call You

When a visitor lands on your website, what do you want them to do? Email, call, or drive to you? Check if your website has a clear Call-to-Action. Example Call-to-Actions are “Call now,” “Email us,!” etc. If your visitor is confused on what to do, they will leave in a heartbeat! Have you experienced that before? You visit a website and it is full of information scattered everywhere. You had no idea what to do and you hit the back button as fast as you can and went on to the next website!

Next is to check on your contact information. Are they clickable? I guarantee you that most of your competitors do not know how to do this! When you put your mouse over a phone number are you able to click it and call? On a computer, people can use programs such as Skype to call. And if your visitor is on their phone, they can click your phone number and call you directly! How cool is that?

Click on the phone number and email address below to demonstrate the Clickable Contact Details feature.

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#2 – Display your Address – Make it Interactive

Get More Clients Into Your Practice

This ties into #1 but it is a little different. Have your address clearly displayed on your home page. Do not hide your address in a separate page! You will be surprised how many businesses do not display their address clearly and frustrates their visitors. If you want the more advanced strategy, put a Google Map onto your website where visitors can zoom in and see exactly where you are located. Also add a link so that it brings them to Google Maps where they can input their address and get exact directions.

A map can help visualize exactly where your business is located.

#3 – Your Contact Form – Where to Place Them

How to Get New Clients Even When You Are Closed

Your website is on 24/7. Visitors can visit at any time. Many of them might want to make an appointment or have some questions and they want to contact you. Sure they can call when you are open but how about when you are closed?

The solution? A simple contact form! You might be saying “I already have one” but one mistake I see over and over is that most contact forms are on a separate page hidden in the menu! This is like having your reception desk in the back of the office and people do not know how to get to it. Put your contact form right smack on the home page. It is less hoops your visitors have to go through. The less mouse clicks and browsing your visitor does, the better user experience.

How it works: A visitor comes to your website and likes what she sees but you are closed right now. She scrolls down looking for contact information and sees your hours of operation. She says in her head, “Ah, they are closed! Oh wait, there’s a contact form I can fill in.” So she fills it in, and hits the send button. Then you instantly get an email and your assistant can call her back and set an appointment once you open. Congrats! You did not lose a potential client! Your website is like an employee bringing in new clients but works 24/7 and never complains.

Take a look at where your contact form is on your website. Place one on the home page and see if it makes a difference.

So there you have it – the Top 3 Things Your Website Should Have to Get More Clients!

If you have a web developer/designer, they should be able to implement these with ease. If not, you can let me know and I’ll do it for you! Just shoot me a message via the Contact Form below!

If you have questions about converting website visitors into customers or if you need a hand with your own website, feel free to reach out to me. You can also check out the details at I'd be glad to help you out. 

I would like to thank you for checking out this checklist! I hope it brought value to you. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I am always looking to improve. Thanks again!


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